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How to Motivate Everyone : Family, Friends, Co-Workers (Even Yourself)!

Jay Arthur


Includes CD-Rom
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Format: Hardcover, 144pp.
ISBN: 9781884180170
Publisher: LifeStar
Pub. Date: Book & CD-Rom edition February 2001

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Item No: 9781884180170

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Do you ever have trouble...
  • getting people to do their job?
  • resolving conflict?
  • getting your ideas across to people-friends, family, co-workers?
  • getting your boss, peers, spouse or teens to listen?
  • implementing change?

Then you might consider the breakthrough insights of How to Motivate Everyone. It should be clear that those other people run their brain differently than you do. If only you could "crack the code" of what they're thinking. Now you can.

How to Motivate Everyone will guide you through the five styles of mental motivation. You'll learn how to detect and use them to get people moving toward useful outcomes without alienating anyone. Thousands of people are using these new and improved communication tools, and only you can decide if they are right for you.

The five motivation styles include:

1. Achievers and Problem Solvers: Achievers tend to set goals, move toward them, and achieve them. Problem solvers move away from possible difficulties and consequences. To achieve a goal, they need to frame it as a problem to be solved.

2. Leaders-Followers:Leaders gather information and decide for themselves. Followers tend to ask other people for direction on which way to go. Leaders often fail to give followers enough feedback on their performance.

3. Innovators-Processors: Innovators like choices and alternatives. They love to break the rules and have a hard time finishing projects.. Processors like to make things right by following and finishing procedures.

4. Doers-Thinkers: Doers like to just do it. Thinkers like to reflect about things before doing them.

5. Fundamentalists-Evolutionaries-Revolutionaries: Fundamentalists like things to stay the same. Evolutionaries like things to get better or improve. Revolutionaries like the new and different.

In How to Motivate Everyone, you will learn how to:

1. Understand and handle those "difficult" people in your life spouse, kids, boss, co-workers, and employees.

2. Detect the five universal motivation styles from just listening to people talk.

3. Use irresistible language to influence and motivate each style, especially the ones that are different from your style.

4. Market and sell anything more effectively. Marketers and sales people tend to sell from their style, not all styles.

5. Get people to take action, even those who tend to wait-and-see.

6. Distinguish between manipulation and motivation. These language patterns can be used for either, but only you can decide what it will cost you to be manipulative instead of motivational.

7. Cultivate high performance teams. Teams need all of the styles to avoid failure and ensure success.

8. Understand your own motivation style and leverage it to achieve your dreams. Your ideal job and career will involve your motivation style.

About the Author

Jay Arthur is a transformational speaker and consultant that works with people who want to master the mysteries of the mind and companies that want jungle medicine for the corporate soul. A self-described "corporate shaman," he is a Cerified Master and Health practitioner of NLP. Jay uses the profile with clients to accelerate their corporate evolution and create quantum improvements in speed, quality, and cost. To find out how to book Jay for keynotes, seminars and workshops on How To Motivate Everyone, call Jay at (888) 468-1537.

Table of Contents
1The Five Levels of Motivation9
2Values and the Power of Words29
3Achievers vs Problem Solvers - In this chapter you'll learn their secret language: toward and away from39
4Leaders and Followers - How do you make decisions? Are you internal or external?53
5Innovators and Processors - Do you like options or procedures? Do you like to follow the rules or break them?63
6.Doers and Thinkers - Do you jump into action or have to think about it first?69
7Evolutionaries and Revolutionaries - Do you like things to stay the same, improve, or be totally different?77
8Dreamer-Realist-Critic - The secrets to high performance teams. How to turn conflict into cooperation.97
9The Power of Beliefs - What stops you from getting motivated?105
10Creating Desire - How to design a compelling future that will pull you into it.129

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