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The Art of Thinking:The Classic Guide to Increasing Brain Power

Allen F. Harrison and Robert M. Bramson

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Format: Paperback, 240pp.
ISBN: 9780425183229
Publisher: Berkley Pub Group
Pub. Date: February 2002

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Item No: 8322-X

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

What style of thinker are you?

The Synthesist: Sees likeness in apparent opposites, interested in change

The Idealist: Welcomes broad range of views, seeks ideal solutions

The Pragmatist: Seeks shortest route to payoff: “Whatever works,”

The Analyst: Seeks “one best way,” interested in scientific solutions

The Realist: Relies on facts and expert opinions, interested in concrete results

There are five basic styles of thinking, each greatly influenced by the thinker’s fundamental beliefs. It is these beliefs that limit people to thinking about things in only one way. With everyday examples, this practical and hands-on guide will show you how to unbind the mind from narrow thinking. Learning to approach situations in different ways is an invaluable life lesson. Learning to recognize others’ thinking styles can transform communication. And learning to distinguish and choose the right style of thinking for any situation is an art that can help you achieve goals, influence others, and avoid making errors—while enhancing every area of your life.

The Art of Thinking will expand your repertoire of strategies for asking questions, making decisions, getting along with people and solving problems. By learning why you think the way you do—and gaining surprising new insight into the thinking styles of others—you’ll be able to get past obstacles, turn conflict into cooperation, and enjoy more success in everyday life.

Includes a test to determine your own style of thinking.

Previously published as Styles of Thinking.


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Reader's Index

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About the Author

Robert N. Bramson has also penned Coping with Difficult People; What Your Boss Doesn't Tell You Until It's Too Late: How to Correct Behavior that is Holding You Back; and, with Susan J. Bramson, First Hired, Last Fired: How to Make Yourself Indispensable in an Age of Downsizing, Mergers, and Restructuring.

Table of Contents
IThinking About Thinking—An Introduction1
IIStyles of Thinking—The InQ5
IIIThe Strange Ways of Synthesists19
IVThe Wholesome Ways of Idealists33
VThe Piecemeal Ways of Pragmatists47
VIThe Orderly Ways of Analysts59
VIIThe No-nonsense Ways of Realists73
VIIICompatibilities, Affinities, and Conflicts—How the Styles Work Together85
IXInfluencing Others101
XThe Productive Use of Your Strengths137
XIExtending and Augmenting Your Thinking Strategies155
XIITheory for Those Who Want Theory175
The InQ189
Reading List199

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