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When you buy this edition, you also get access to the on-line study guides at the ArtofWarPlus.com.

The Art of War for the Management Warrior: Sun Tzu's Strategy for Managers
with Free Web Access

Sun-Tzu and Gary Gagliardi

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Format: Hardcover, 192pp.
ISBN: 9781929194445
Publisher: Clearbridge Publishing
Pub. Date: April 2003

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Item No: 9781929194445

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

The new paperback version of the world's most popular book on strategy adapted for managers plus a free download of audio book. The book includes the complete text of Sun Tzu's Art of War on the left-hand pages and a direct adaptation to management on the facing pages. The book includes the keys for a FREE download of the MP3 of the complete audio book for listening on iPods or similar devices.

The ancient Chinese science of strategy, bing-fa (translated as The Art of War), can be applied to any of life's challenges.

The book includes both the world’s best guide to strategy, The Art of War, plus a line-by-Line adaptation for Leadership. Designed to appeal to managers in any type of organization, The Art of War Plus The Art of Management uses Sun Tzu's proven strategy to address the challenges of directing people, resources, quality, and continual improvement in a modern organization. It follows Sun Tzu's original text line by line, with the complete text of The Art of War on the left-hand pages and The Art of Management on the facing right-hand pages.


The text looks like this, except that in the book, each column is on a facing page.

The Art of War
The Art of Management
Fight for the enemy’s supply wagons.You compete for resources against all other organizations.
Capture their supplies by using overwhelming force.You must make only what creates overwhelming value.
Reward the first who capture them.Reward those who discover it.
Then change their banners and flags.Buy what else you need and re-label it.
Mix them in with your own to increase your supply line.Mix internal and external products to increase your value.
Keep your soldiers strong by providing for them.Retain your employees by being successful.
This is what it means to beat the enemy while you grow more powerful.This is what it means to compete in the marketplace while growing more powerful.

See a PDF Excerpt of Chapter 3 Planning an Attack / Attacking Problems

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About the Author and Translator

Gary Gagliardi is America's leading expert on using the principles of Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" in modern competition. Former owner and CEO of one of the Inc. 500 fastest-growing companies in America, Mr. Gagliardi has authored over a dozen books explaining the intricacies of competitive strategy.

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