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Global Business Leadership

E.S. Wibbeke

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Format: Hardcover, 300pp.
ISBN: 9780750684088
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
Pub. Date: September 19, 2008

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Item No: 9780750684088

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Global Business Leadership discusses the urgent issues facing global business leaders and presents seven strategies found necessary for successful intercultural business ventures. It provides business professionals and students with insight into the failure of businesses to prepare leaders for stepping into complex cultural contexts.

The Geoleadership Model developed by Dr. Wibbeke is applied to global business situations using cases taken from leading companies such as Google and eBay. The book uses a case study format to present salient issues related to intercultural leadership and then principles of the model are applied to the case in discussion format. The concepts of care, communication, consciousness, change, capability and others are analyzed in relation to how each concept is seen in different parts of the business world. Each chapter concludes with a "bottom line" example of how each Geoleadership concept directly affects business results.

Global Business Leadership also provides instruction about entry into cultural contexts, negotiating, preventing and managing cultural-based local-global conflict, and preparing global leaders to increase intercultural awareness and sensitivity.

Dr. Wibbeke founded and managed the leading Internet website (Web of Culture) for cross-cultural information on the Internet and shares such global experiences with other would-be globetrotters.


This book is replete with vital information supporting success in both personal growth and business productivity. Naturally, the definition and measurement of " success " itself remains a germinal issue. A reading of Dr. Wibbeke's thoughtful work should stimulate, refl ection on the meaning of " success " at home and in the global marketplace.
—Walter F. Ulmer, Jr., Former President and CEO, Center for Creative Leadership, Former Commandant of Cadets at West Point

Dr. Wibbeke's groundbreaking book on culture and leadership is a must-read for anyone venturing across borders to do business. I recommend it highly!
—John Sperling, Chairman, Apollo Group, Inc. , Founder, University of Phoenix

One of the pernicious problems of globalization is that leadership exists only in the eyes of the followers - and followers are always local. Dr. Wibbeke undertakes the immensely important task of preparing American businesspersons for their culture shocks in trying to lead abroad.
—Geert Hofstede, Author of "Culture's Consequences"

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Reader's Index 
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• "It may be a small world but are we worlds apart? Increasing globalization has created greater complexity for those leading and managing organizations. More accurately, globalization has created an awareness of the complexity that was always there but not recognized. Now, there is no choice. Leaders at all levels of organizations, and especially those at higher levels, must work across national and cultural boundaries to achieve goals and objectives. While corporations have been expanding across international boundaries for some time, the rapid global advance of technology, as well as changes in investment processes and trade relationships, has eliminated previous barriers; thereby, opening markets and necessitating an even greater level of competence. The risk of not possessing the appropriate organizational competence, specifi cally in leadership, is enormous. How big is the problem?" Pg. 1


About the Author

E.S. Wibbeke is business leadership lecturer, University of Liverpool, UK

Table of Contents

1Geoleadership Challenges
2Leader Does as Culture Is?
3The Principle of "Care"
4The Principle of "Communication"
5The Principle of "Consciousness"
6The Principle of "Contrasts"
7The Principle of "Context"
8The Principle of "Change"
9The Principle of "Capability"
10Geoleadership and the Community

Customer Reviews
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Exciting material supported by solid data December 20, 2008
Reviewer: Jose Viveiros from New York City, NY. United States

Many books introduce a new leadership theory and tell you to do things a certain way to be successful. The best support for those new theories you can hope to get are in anecdotal examples or case studies. I think many readers often just try to get the gist to apply it and don't critically ask how the new model came about and whether it has a supporting foundation.
I was much surprised to see that the Geoleadership model Dr. Wibbeke presents in her book is based on a solid research study and even better Dr. Wibbeke actually shares her data and research design. Wow!
The critique I have is I wished the book would go deeper into some of the principles. For instance the chapter about such an important principle as 'change' is just 20 pages long, including the case studies and bottom line.

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