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The Leader's Guide to Speaking with Presence: How to Project Confidence, Conviction, and Authority
John Baldoni

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Format: Paperback, 70pp.
ISBN: 9780814433799
Publisher: AMACOM
Pub. Date: November 5, 2013

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Item No: 9780814433799

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

With their warmth, confidence, and ability to connect, many leaders look like they were born to the role. But that’s rare. What seem to be innate gifts are usually the result of learning and practicing great communication.

Communication is a critical skill for leaders. Whether in a contentious meeting, a casual conversation, or a formal speech, the ability to craft and deliver clear, authentic messages, ones your audience will believe, is the tipping point between forgettable and transformational.

The Leader’s Guide to Speaking with Presence will turn even dull speakers into dazzling communicators. Stripped of excess complexity and verbiage, the book distills the truly essential components of extraordinary communication into 100 actionable tips, including:

• Why framing your speech as a musical composition captures hearts and minds
• How to avoid common blunders, such as hunching at the podium or furtively glancing sideways
• PowerPoint dos and don’ts to enhance a message, not distract from it
• Why leaders who tell compelling stories will turn listeners into followers
• How to be a credible optimist, without being a Pollyanna
• Three steps to ensure you get out of your office and mingle with employees
• How to project certitude and a clear path for others to follow—plus much more

A leader’s most important job is to communicate. This handy guide helps you achieve the kind of genuine presence and communication excellence that earn lasting trust and quantifiable influence.

readers index
Reader's Index 
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• "A leader’s job is to bring people together for a common purpose, so credibility is critical. That will only come when people trust their leader and want to follow his or her lead. Communication opens the door to understanding what the leader is and what he or she stands for." Pg. 2


About the Author

John Baldoni, president of Baldoni Consulting LLC, is an internationally recognized executive coach, speaker, and author of a dozen leadership books. In 2013, Global Gurus International ranked John No. 14 on its list of the world’s top 30 leadership experts. John has written over 400 columns for the online sites of Harvard Business Review, Forbes and FastCompany.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Authentic Communication1
1The Sound of Your Leadership Speech3
2Present as a Leader9
3Make the Audience Feel Welcome (and Banish Stage Fright)13
4Stand Up Straight (and Don’t Forget to Breathe)17
5Lead Your Presentation, Don’t Have It Lead You21
6Turn PowerPoint into Performance Art27
7“Tell Me a Story”31
8Project Optimism the Right Way35
9Master the Art of Meeting and Mingling39
10Leverage the Energy of the Room43
11Avoid Nuance When You Speak Out Loud47
12Develop Your Leadership Presentation51
Handbook on Communicating Leadership Presence55
About the Author70

Customer Reviews
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