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How to Click with People: The Secret to Better Relationships in Business and in Life
Rick Kirschner

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Format: Hardcover, 272pp.
ISBN: 9781401323202
Publisher: Hyperion
Pub. Date: July 5, 2011

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Item No: 9781401323202

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

The Secret to Building Better Relationships in Business and in Life

With some people, you just click. The connection is quick and easy. Communication flows. You can tell them anything and they know just what you mean. When you connect in this way, you feel understood and accepted for who you really are. You "get" these people and they get you.

We think of this connection as an instantaneous thing, something that either happens or doesn't. Not so, says author Dr. Rick Kirschner. This connection isn't a magical phenomenon; it's a communication skill that can be learned with specific steps and techniques. Based on the author's three decades of experience as an interpersonal communication expert, How to Click with People will show you how to:
  • Recognize and respond effectively to the four basic communication styles everyone uses;
  • Speak the same language as the person you're talking to, whether emotional or intellectual;
  • Connect in a digital age ruled by e-mail and social media;
  • Master the 7 Signals that will make you--and your ideas--click with others;
  • Troubleshoot the nine obstacles that could be in your way and learn how to avoid or overcome them.
In the end, Kirschner argues that these skills are crucial because success has less to do with professional knowledge than with "the ability to express ideas, to assume leadership, and to arouse enthusiasm among people." In this How to Win Friends and Influence People for the twenty-first century, he gives readers the advice and insights they need to strengthen their relationships and take charge of their future.


"Clicking with people isn't something that just happens or doesn't. In this practical and engaging new book, Dr. Rick Kirschner gives readers the skills they need to stop depending on chance and start actively clicking with people at work and in life."
—Stephen Lundin, bestselling coauthor of Fish!

"Both enjoyable to read and full of easy to apply ideas, How to Click with People is a comprehensive explanation of how to connect with the people in your life. If you want to build better relationships, I recommend it."
—Mark Sanborn, bestselling author of The Fred Factor

"Wise people know that the future is all about people, and Rick Kirschner's new book How to Click with People is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand and use the transformative power of relationships both in business and in life."
—Daniel Burrus, author of the New York Times bestseller Flash Foresight

"In today's crazy-busy business environment, building strong relationships with frazzled customers and co-workers is essential to your success. Kirschner shows you practical strategies to quickly `click' with even the most challenging individuals."
—Jill Konrath, author of SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies

"This book is bursting with insight into what it takes to win with people. Absorb the wisdom, apply the plentiful strategies, and you'll undoubtedly see your relationships improve."
—Dr. Travis Bradberry, bestselling coauthor of Emotional Intelligence 2.0

"Clicking with others isn't just some warm and fuzzy notion. It's a teachable skill, one required to build the relationships that make success possible. In How to Click with People, Rick Kirschner offers hundreds of practical, thoughtful tactics that will allow you to start building a better network today, one relationship at a time."
—Keith Ferrazzi, bestselling author of Who's Got Your Back and Never Eat Alone

"It is indisputable that people want to interact with people they like. It makes sense, therefore, to like and be liked by as many people as possible. Dr. Kirschner's book, How To Click With People, is an insightful, rewarding, and productive way to create rapport with a large number of people."
—Dr. Tony Alessandra, author of The Platinum Rule and Charisma

"This compelling look at clicking with people and building the personal side of business will help readers build connections quickly, develop stronger partnerships and teams, and have a higher quality exchange of ideas and information. This book will find use in the hands of any serious business professional with the desire to be proactive in all of their relationships."
—Andrea Sittig-Rolf, author of Power Referrals

"The achievement of any level of success in life depends upon your ability to relate to others. Rick's teachings and examples are excellent tools for your future success in life and business."
—Tom Hopkins, author of How to Master the Art of Selling

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About the Author

Dr. Rick Kirschner is the author or coauthor of seven books, including the international bestseller Dealing with People You Can't Stand. He is also a popular coach, consultant, and public speaker, and has worked with some of the world's biggest and best known organizations, including Starbucks, Heineken, NASA, Providence Healthcare, and the U.S. Army. An interpersonal communication expert, Kirschner has been featured in many high-profile media outlets, including NPR, CNBC, NBC, Fox, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. He is also a faculty member at the Institute for Management Studies. Kirschner lives with his wife in Ashland, Oregon.

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