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Source of Leadership: Eight Drivers of the High-Impact Leader

David Traversi

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Format: Hardcover, 224pp.
ISBN: 9781572245082
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
Pub. Date: September 2007

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Item No: 9781572245082

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

This revolutionary book signals a new paradigm in leadership. Author David M. Traversi, nationally known executive coach, entrepreneur, and former corporate chief executive and investment banker, has worked with thousands of leaders over the course of his career. With a thesis that leadership on average is failing in most forums, and failing at an increasing rate as technology accelerates and complicates our existence, Traversi explains how existing leadership literature provides checklists of the traits that an effective leader should possess (e.g., be self-defined, forward-thinking, credible, inspiring, focused, courageous) and the functions that a leader must perform (e.g., build a values-based core, generate ideas, form a vision, build a plan), but they don't explain how leaders and potential leaders can begin to embody the those traits and perform those functions. They describe the destination, but don't address the means - the engine - to get them there.

In The Source of Leadership, Traversi identifies and instructs how to develop eight personal drivers, energies deep within - presence, clarity (of thought, emotion, and behavior), openness, intention, personal responsibility, intuition, creativity, and connected communication - each of which drives several of the traits and functions of the effective leader. The leader who develops these personal energies will achieve maximum effectiveness as a leader, as well as a deep sense of contentment and fulfillment as a person.

With the burgeoning trend toward seeking a deeper grounding personally as a means of performing better professionally, The Source of Leadership is the early "defining voice" of this new trend in the leadership area.

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About the Author

David M. Traversi is the founder and Managing Director of 2020 Growth Partners, LLC, which offers executive coaching, strategic advisory, merchant banking, and leadership development services to executives and companies across the United States. He has worked as a chief executive of operating companies, a trial lawyer, a commercial lender, an investment banker, private company investor. In addition, he has started several successful companies in diverse industries. He holds an MBA from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, and a JD from the King Hall School of Law at the University of California, Davis.

Table of Contents

Customer Reviews
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Snake Oil December 14, 2007
Reviewer: from New York, NY. United States

I got a copy of the this book in advance from a publishing friend. My first thought was how the title was grammarically incorrect. I think Traversi means "drives" not "drivers." That could be a mistake of the editor or the author. Either way, it shows lack of detail. This book is a good example of how business types are trying to cash in on the New Age self help industry. I found a very insincere tone to this book that aggravated me, as if Traversi does not believe what he is selling. I felt as if Traversi was writing what he "thought" he should be writing. There is even a disclaimer in the front of the book by the publisher, which might as well have said, "don't try this at home." I do not believe Traversi has figured out leadership yet, because he is still asking a lot of questions.

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