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Primal Leadership : Learning to Lead with Emotional Intelligence
Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee

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Format: Paperback, 336pp.
ISBN: 9781591391845
Publisher: Harvard Business School Press
Pub. Date: January 1, 2004

Average Customer Review: leadership


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Item No: 9781591391845

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Daniel Goleman's international bestseller Emotional Intelligence forever changed our concept of "being smart," showing how emotional intelligence (EI)-how we handle ourselves and our relationships-can determine life success more than IQ. Then, Working with Emotional Intelligence revealed how stellar career performance also depends on EI.

Now, Goleman teams with renowned EI researchers Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee to explore the role of emotional intelligence in leadership. Unveiling neuroscientific links between organizational success or failure and "primal leadership," the authors argue that a leader's emotions are contagious. If a leader resonates energy and enthusiasm, an organization thrives; if a leader spreads negativity and dissonance, it flounders. This breakthrough concept charges leaders with driving emotions in the right direction to have a positive impact on earnings or strategy.

Drawing from decades of analysis within world-class organizations, the authors show that resonant leaders-whether CEOs or managers, coaches or politicians-excel not just through skill and smarts, but by connecting with others using EI competencies like empathy and self-awareness. And they employ up to six leadership styles-from visionary to coaching to pacesetting-fluidly interchanging them as the situation demands.

The authors identify a proven process through which leaders can learn to:
  • Assess, develop, and sustain personal EI competencies over time
  • Inspire and motivate people
  • Cultivate resonant leadership throughout teams and organizations
  • Leverage resonance to increase bottom-line performance
The book no leader in any walk of life can afford to miss, this unforgettable work transforms the art of leadership into the science of results.


"Daniel Goleman has done it again! After writing two major bestsellers on emotional intelligence, he has teamed up with Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee to produce another winner-a fascinating account of how emotions are at the heart of effective leadership. Filled with practical advice backed up by research, this book is a gem, smart reading for students and leaders alike."
—David Gergen, Professor of Public Service and Director, Center for Public Leadership, John F. Kennedy School, Harvard University

"Sound and practical advice on leading effectively, based on science and business experience, from the leader in the field of emotional intelligence."
—Martin Seligman, Fox Leadership Professor of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania

"If I had read Primal Leadership ten years ago, I still might be President of Columbia Pictures today!"
—Lisa Henson, President, Jim Henson Productions

"This powerful book freshly imagines a new and necessary kind of working environment where matters of the heart have equal significance with matters of the mind. Absolutely required reading for leaders everywhere."
—Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor of Business, University of Southern California

"A valuable leadership guidebook-for individuals and organizations-that can help you turn emotional intelligence from concept to reality."
—Robert L. Joss, Dean, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

"Easy to read and packed with insight, this carefully researched book provides a solid road map for all leaders who are working to better themselves."
—Bob Mulholland, Senior Vice President and Head of Client Relationship Group, Merrill Lynch


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About the Authors

Daniel Goleman is Co-Director of the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations at Rutgers University. Richard Boyatzis is Professor of Organizational Behavior and Chair of the Department of Organizational Behavior at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. Annie McKee is Director of Management Development Services, North America, at the Hay Group.

Table of Contents
Part IThe Power of Emotional Intelligence
1Primal Leadership3
2Resonant Leadership19
3The Neuroanatomy of Leadership33
4The Leadership Repertoire53
5The Dissonant Styles: Apply with Caution71
Part IIMaking Leaders
6Becoming a Resonant Leader: The Five Discoveries91
7 The Motivation to Change113
8Metamorphosis: Sustaining Leadership Change139
Part IIIBuilding Emotionally Intelligent Organizations
9The Emotional Reality of Teams171
10Reality and the Ideal Vision: Giving Life to the Organization's Future191
11Creating Sustainable Change225
Appendix A EI versus IQ: A Technical Note249
Appendix B Emotional Intelligence: Leadership Competencies253
About the Authors305

Customer Reviews
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A great book for everyone...mothers, bosses, students, etc. February 7, 2003
Reviewer: from Silicon Valley, CA United States
This book is excellent. I got the book on tape. The research and brain anatomy is fascinating. I cannot keep my ears off this book on tape. I learn several new concepts at every listening. There was one agrument made trying to compare a marriage to a worker-boss relationship, which does not appeal to me...my marriage is much more sacred and to think of my marrige in business terms turns my stomach. This book is not just for leaders in organizations, it would be helpful and fascinating for many different roles - motherhood, students, teachers, etc.

Customer Reviews
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