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Making It Count: Putting Meaning Back in Business and Relationships

Bryan Hurlbut

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Format: Paperback, 160pp.
ISBN: 9781934454138
Publisher: Synergy Books
Pub. Date: May 30, 2008

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Item No: 9781934454138

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

You are making a difference. The question is, what kind of difference? Are you bettering yourself and the lives around you, or are you leaving a bitter trail of debris in your wake? Your life is too short to allow bad relationships with co-workers, managers, neighbors and family to steal what could be your greatest days. Your life can be better if you learn to adjust your thinking.

Learn how to diffuse the "me vs. them" situations you find yourself in and how to protect yourself in your work and home environments without offending other people. Find the processes that will help you transition from where you currently are in life to what is next. Learn how to find satisfaction in your job and home life by making a few simple changes. Discover the value of Making It Count.

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Reader's Index 
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About the Author

With twenty years of experience in the fields of business and IT consulting, Bryan Hurlbut has worked with large corporations, small businesses, state governments and not-for-profits. His insight into how people view themselves and interact with the world is brought to bear as he shares the value of his experience, his expertise and his personal mission statement: Making It Count!

Table of Contents
1Everyone Loves to Teach
2It's Never You and Me
3No Tickie, No Shirtie
4Fault Tolerance
5A Gift by Any Other Name
6What is Truth?
7Always Forgive-Never Forget
8Set Your Margins
9Live Beneath Your Means
10Spend Time to Make Money or Money to Make Time
11Freedom Is Worth More than Money
12The Learning Cycle
13How to Be Great in Your Job
14This Is Self-Correcting
15You Are Not Responsible for What You Say
16Hiding Behind E-mail
17When Parting Is Not Such Sweet Sorrow
18You Are Being Paid for Your Job
19Always Protect Your Name and Your Word
20We All Need Mentors
21Working with a Controlmonger
22A Man Under Authority
23The Eyes Have It

Customer Reviews
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Life Changing! May 23, 2008
Reviewer: from Kansas, United States

This book is absolutely amazing! If you want to have your perspective on business, life, and relationships changed you should dive head first into this book. The author Bryan Hurlbut gives some excellent examples of opportunities to change the way you look at life. You can't help but smile at different moments throughout the book because at different moments you realize that what Mr. Hurlbut is talking about relates to you head on. This book changed the way I look at life all together. As you read this book you will encounter firsthand your own personal belief system and whether you are limiting yourself in how you actually view life, relationships, and business. This book is just GREAT and I can't say enough good things about it. It has helped influence my career in a number of positive ways!

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