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The 12 Bad Habits That Hold Good People Back: Overcoming the Behavior Patterns That Keep You from Getting Ahead

James Waldroop, Ph.D. and Timothy Butler, Ph.D.

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Format: Paperback, 352pp.
ISBN: 9780385498500
Publisher: Doubleday
Pub. Date: October 2001

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Item No: 9780385498500

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to rise effortlessly to the top, while others are stuck in the same job year after year? Have you ever felt you are falling short of your career potential? Have you wondered if some of the things you do–or don’t do–at work might be hamstringing your ambitions? In The 12 Bad Habits That Hold Good People Back, James Waldroop and Timothy Butler identify the twelve habits that–whether you are a retail clerk or a law firm partner, work in technology or in a factory–are almost guaranteed to hold you back.

The fact is, most people learn their greatest lessons not from their successes but from their mistakes. The 12 Bad Habits That Hold Good People Back offers the flip side to Stephen Covey’s approach in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, zeroing in on the most common behavior that can impede a career. Based on over twenty years of research as business psychologists, the authors claim that the reasons people fail in their jobs are the same everywhere. Only after these detrimental behaviors have been identified can the patterns that limit career advancement be broken.

Using real-life accounts of clients they have worked with at Harvard and as executive coaches at such companies as GTE, Sony, GE, and McKinsey & Co., Waldroop and Butler offer invaluable–and in some cases, job-saving–step-by-step advice on how readers can change their behavior to get back on track.

For anyone seeking to achieve his or her career ambitions, The 12 Bad Habits That Hold Good People Back is a powerful tool for unleashing true potential.

A thought-provoking and illuminating exploration of personality and its relationship to workplace success.
Financial Executive

About the Author 

James Waldroop, Ph.D., and Timothy Butler, Ph.D., are directors of MBA career development at the Harvard Business School and developers of the Internet-based career self-assessment and management program CareerLeader, currently used by more than 100 corporations and MBA programs worldwide. They are the founders of Peregrine Partners, a consulting firm in Brookline, Massachusetts, specializing in executive development and employee retention. They are the authors of Discovering Your Career in Business as well as articles that have appeard in the Harvard Business Review and Fortune.

Table of Contents

Part IThe 12 Behaviors That Can Hold You Back
1Never Feeling Good Enough6
2Seeing the World in Black and White26
3Doing Too Much, Pushing Too Hard47
4Avoiding Conflict at Any Cost64
5Running Roughshod over the Opposition82
6Rebel Looking for a Cause101
7Always Swinging for the Fence117
8When Fear Is in the Driver's Seat132
9Emotionally Tone Deaf149
10When No Job Is Good Enough165
11Lacking a Sense of Boundaries181
12Losing the Path197
Part IIThe Psychological Issues Behind the 12 Behavior Patterns
13Taking Others' Perspectives226
14Coming to Terms with Authority248
15Using Power262
16Looking in the Mirror: Examining Your Self Image283
Epilogue: Taking Care of Your Career303
Takeaways: A Checklist for Change305
Appendix: Using Jung's Personality Theory to Analyze Working Mode311

Customer Reviews
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Can Influence Your Life April 27, 2009
Reviewer: Preeti Vasudevan from New York, NY United States
After reading this book twice, this is what I have to tell. Some books are Godsent for those who are perplexed and truly want to know the answers to their problems. This is one of them. The only other product influenced me this much is Espoir's "Smarten Your Communications through Wit & Wisdom". If you have been recently fired or are in a career rut, and don't completely understand why, then buy "12 Bad Habits ...." and read it cover to cover. The odds are VERY high you have more than one of the 12 bad habits which is killing your career.

As always, it takes some humility to admit your own flaws and correct them. This book provides solid basis for starting the path to your own career enlightenment.

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