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The Oz Principle: Getting Results Through Individual and Organizational Accountability

Roger Connors, Tom Smith and Craig R. Hickman

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Format: Hardcover, 304pp.
ISBN: 9781591840244
Publisher: Portfolio
Pub. Date: May 2004 Revised Edition

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Item No: 9781591840244

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

A decade ago, The Oz Principle took the business world by storm. At its root, the principle works like this: Like Dorothy and the gang in The Wizard of Oz, most businesspeople have the tools to succeed, but when things go wrong they blame circumstance or others instead of looking within for the true cause of unsatisfactory results. Once individuals learn to accept responsibility, they can use the Oz Principle to become better leaders.

Now, with corporate scandals in the headlines and the culture of victimization running rampant at every level of the business world, Roger Connors, Tom Smith, and Craig Hickman return with a new edition of The Oz Principle. Fully revised, this edition will update the statistics, concepts, and relevant companies through fresh, timely anecdotes and stories.


"It will help you approach any new idea or problem and impact your ability to be successful...The Oz Principle hit the punch line early and then supported it. It introduces a global concept right away, and then the components of each chapter gives you a better understanding of that global concept...After our client's re-organization, we had the worst month we've ever had leading into January (typically a low recruiting month in our industry) we required everyone to submit an Accountability Plan and we beat our projected hires by 20%. A direct result of implementing The Oz Principle in our organization."
—Mark Wortley, President, Beverly Care Alliance

"The Oz Principle has really made accountability very easy to understand and has improved our effectiveness in obvious ways. Our entire organization has not only embraced the concept, but has also made it our culture to operate Above The Line. Most importantly, The Oz Principle has made it very easy ! ! for a new representative joining the organization to quickly understand what Pfizer Pratt Pharmaceuticals is all about, both in terms of our culture and how we operate as a group."
—Dick Reggio, Vice President of Sales, Pratt Pharmaceuticals, A Division of Pfizer Inc.

"The Oz Principle is very easy reading, practical in its content. The message is so straightforward that it is many times overlooked...We are totally accountable for making things happen. It was extremely well received."
—David Grimes, Vice President, Sales, AT&T

"The concepts in the book are practical and are the things we are living day-to-day. It is well written; in plain talk like a face-to-face discussion. Less theory and more examples and approaches that are immediately usable. We have applied The Oz Principle concepts and empowered the people in our whole facility towards the objectives we need to accomplish. The concepts have really served as a motivation tool and clos! ! ed the gap between management and the line workers."
—Vincente Trellis, Vice President, Surgical Operations, Allergan

"Our success rests in our strong culture developed over the years. Our recent addition of new cultural language i.e.: 'Above The Line, Below The Line' from The Oz Principle Accountability Training, has enabled our company to be more aligned and riveted us on the targeted results."
— Richard Methany, Director Human Resources, Friday's Hospitality Worldwide

"The Oz Principle eloquently captures the secret to overcoming obstacles and achieving success. It is filled with practical insights essential to the personal and organizational journey of getting results. The book explains an enduring principle that will long outlive the supposed wizardy of the many management fads that melt away with time. I would personally recommend this book to everyone who has tired of wizards and who is anxious to get results."
—Dorothy Browning of Kansas

"All year long we struggled to show some increas! ! e in store sales with no real success. However, after applying The Oz Principle Accountability Training, store sales climbed and continued to climb for the next eleven weeks thereafter. Numerous obstacles presented themselves throughout the year, but the team remained 'Above The Line' and nailed our year end budget."
—Kenneth White, Regional Vice President, Smith's Food and Drug

"We tried for several years to make some basic changes in our Global Manufacturing Group and just couldn't get there. We finally internalized the concept of the accountability process as defined in The Oz Principle. It has really turned us around in the direction we wanted and we're now making progress we've been trying to make for years."
—Bill Smith, Executive Director, Global Manufacturing Services, Eli Lilly

"The Oz Principle unlocks your potential and can change your life. It can make you think differently about the way you approach your personal and your professiona! ! l life. The language is easily adopted and you really can ! identify with some of the stories and see where their point is best made. The philosophies are easy to adopt, and if you believe and you really listen to the points that are made, you will change your behaviors."
—Kelli Fitten, Director of Human Resources, Brinker International, On the Border Cafes division

"The Oz Principle Training is making a difference in my life! I didn't even wait to get home, I made a call from the bus station to request an appointment and to move from the'wait and see' mode to 'Do It.' Thanks for implementing a great program/principle."
—Sales Representative, Pratt Pharmaceuticals, A Division of Pfizer Inc.

"It has made a lasting impression on my career, and in my personal life. The Oz Principle has made a very positive impact on the way I try to interact with individuals and deal with myself and my interactions, both professionally and personally."
—Dennis Antinori, Regional Vice President Sales, Guidant Corporation!

"The Oz Principle Accountability Training is a wonderful, incredibly valuable resource. It provided the answers I sought as I strived to meet the challenge of meshing a systems approach (to quality and management) with individual responsibility and accountability."
—Beth Tolley, Administrator, Presbyterian Hospital


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About the Authors

Roger Connors and Tom Smith are cofounders of Partners in Leadership, an international management consulting firm with hundreds of clients in almost all major industries. They are also the coauthors of Journey to the Emerald City, a sequel to The Oz Principle. Craig R. Hickman is coauthor of the international bestseller Creating Excellence and author of Mind of a Manager and other business books.

Table of Contents

Part 1The Oz Principle: Getting Results Through Accountability1
1Off to See the Wizard: Bringing Accountability Back into the American Character3
2The Yellow Brick Road: Getting Stuck in the Victim Cycle25
3There's No Place Like Home: Focusing on Results57
Part 2The Power of Individual Accountability: Moving Yourself Above the Line87
4The Lion: Mustering the Courage to See It89
5The Tin Woodsman: Finding the Heart to Own It115
6The Scarecrow: Obtaining the Wisdom to Solve It145
7Dorothy: Exercising the Means to Do It169
Part 3Results Through Collective Accountability: Helping Your Organization Perform Above the Line201
8The Good Witch Glinda: Mastering Above the Line Leadership203
9The Emerald City and Beyond: Getting Your Entire Organization Above the Line225
10Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Applying the Oz Principle to Corporate America's Toughest Issues251

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