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The Leader's Companion : Insights on Leadership Through the Ages

J. Thomas Wren (Editor)

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Format: Paperback, 554pp.
ISBN: 9780028740911
Publisher: Free Press
Pub. Date: March 1997

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Item No: 9780028740911

Description and Reviews
From The Publisher:

This book serves as a guided introduction to the rich a diverse perspectives on leadership throughout the ages and throughout the world. Each of the selections, introduced by the editor, presents enlightening thoughts on a different aspect of leadership. Writings by Plato, Aristotle, Lao-tzu and others demonstrate that the challenges of leadership are as old as civilization. Machiavelli, Tolstoy, Ghandi, and W.E.B. Du Bois provide a wide range of insights into the eternal practice and problems of leadership. Modern masters of leadership such as James MacGregor Burns, John Kotter, and Warren Bennis join such leading practitioners as Max De Pree and Roger B. Smith in discussing contemporary issues in leadership theory and practice.


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Reader's Index

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About the Editor

J. Thomas Wren teaches at the University of Richmond's Jepson School of Leadership Studies. He lives in Richmond, Virginia.

Table of Contents

1The Cry for Leadership3
2The Crisis of Leadership8
3Defining a Citizen Leader11
4Servant Leadership18
5Thinking and Learning about Leadership27
6Paths of Inquiry into Leadership33
7The Meaning of Leadership37
8What Is Leadership?39
9Concepts of Leadership: The Beginnings49
10The Hero as King53
11Rulers and Generals Are "History's Slaves"55
12The Republic60
14How Princes Should Keep Faith67
15Tao Te Ching69
17The Talented Tenth78
18Contemporary Leadership Theory83
19Transactional and Transforming Leadership100
20The Transformation of Transforming Leadership102
21Beyond the Charismatic Leader: Leadership and Organizational Change108
22What Leaders Really Do114
23Personal Factors Associated with Leadership127
24Leadership: Do Traits Matter?133
25Behavioral Theories of Leadership144
26Ways Women Lead149
27Would Women Lead Differently161
28Women and Minorities in Management168
29Leaders and Followers185
30Leaders and Followers Are the People in this Relationship189
31In Praise of Followers193
32Situational Leadership207
33SuperLeadership: Beyond the Myth of Heroic Leadership212
35Challenging the Barriers to Opportunity231
36The Historical and Contemporary Contexts of Leadership: A Conceptual Model245
37Cultural Constraints in Management Theories253
38Defining Organizational Culture271
39Strong Cultures: A New "Old Rule" for Business Success282
40Leadership in Large-Scale Organized Systems297
41Leadership and Democracy303
42The Making of a Citizen Leader310
43Martin Luther King, Jr.: Charismatic Leadership in a Mass Struggle318
44Understanding and Influencing Follower Motivation327
45Power, Influence, and Influence Tactics339
46Developmental Sequence in Small Groups355
48The Artform of Leadership377
49What It Means to Think Critically379
50Common Views of Organizations389
51Choosing a Fundamental Change Strategy395
52Visionary Leadership402
53The Decision-Making Process408
54Decision Making and the Leadership Process418
55Leadership Communication Skills428
56Designing Systems for Resolving Disputes in Organizations432
57Leadership Jazz453
58Redefining Leadership for the Next Century456
59Talent and Training for Leadership464
60A New Vision of Leadership472
61Moral Leadership483
62Moral Development in Individuals484
63Messages from the Environment: The Influence of Policies and Practices on Employee Responsibility492
64Universal Human Values: Finding an Ethical Common Ground500
Name Index545
Subject Index549

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